Learning Impedance mismatch

The different forms of learning new content would be reading, listening, watching video or practical. What is the end result of the form of learning with the output - pretty much same. You learn how to perform a specific activity. An argument around reading vs practical is that practical will get you more proficiency at performing the activity. But the objective of learning is the same. 

Just imagine the scene from Matrix where Trinity was learning to fly.It was just in few seconds that she got the download. I believe that there must a certain way to accelerate the learning time. 

Tim Ferris in his four hour chef book and other preaching mentioned about meta learning. Learning how to learn. But again the toolset available to learn something is pretty old. We are limited by our sensory experiences to learn something. Can we just not take a pill or do some external process to make the neuron connections to learn something new? 

Going back to the title of the blog I believe that there is mismatch between information created and information that can be consumed. It is just too overwhelming. We cannot consume information fast enough and there is this impedance mismatch.