Design of domain specific database technologies

Is it required to design a database technology specific to a domain? A typical example of this maybe design a database which has Healthcare Ontologies as a supported datatypes. Common database operations or database functions can be healthcare specific for coding, grouping and billing.

Today healthcare standards are closed and ruled by organizations like Optum, 3M and AMA. They charge for the use of code libraries, standards and standard groupers. I think there is an opportunity for startups to understand and disrupt this space.

Not sure if it applies to other domains like Retail, Banking, Education, Gaming, Automotive, Operating System Vendors and Telecom vendors. As we have been successfully able to map the data into pure relational form. Like Sales, Product, Geographies, etc. but then there is connections data which can be expressed in the form of graph and so we have graph db.

For scientific data we have something called SciDB. But again the database is designed by the type of functions and not the domain. The databases are more generic and try to offer generic type of language to perform data operations and not a DSL. In a healthcare database a specific operation or query may say - Group Claim(Id) for DRG

If someone reading this blog comes across a domain specific database please post a link