BI tools transformation from passive to active analysis

Microstrategy, Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik and the list goes on. BI tools offer software to understand and report data. But can you really understand data without under standing the business well, so the tools don't provide anything to do with business. In college I learned Matlab. Matlab had the set of tool boxes and it allowed to understand the subject better like DSP or others. 

So that's the difference between active and passive analysis tools. Passive analysis tools like the current popular once leaves it upto the user of how they want to use it, whereas active tools can provide you toolbox. 

The BI tools needs to have plugin ecosystem to create domain specific BI tools. Like Healthcare BI tools, why is the BI market hesitant to create that? Or why is the BI market hesitant to open up there products as platforms. From my experience I see that the BI tools with such an ecosystem will be successful especially with small-mid companies who cannot afford to have their own experts in the domain to provide classification and other basic data analysis. 

But the tools who have such an ecosystem like SAS are too expensive for small enterprises. Probably then the solution is Web BI tools. Lot of them have emerged in last few years definitely few of them might have thought to be platform for the specific domain instead of being generic BI tool. 

 Waiting for more active analysis BI tools.