about me

Year 2010 to Now
Working as Solution Architect in SCIO Health Analytics Corporation. As SCIO is medium size company I had flexibility to work on various projects in different roles as developer, Technical Lead and Architect.

Year 2007 to 2010
Co-founded Blink Media Private Limtied we created an awesome platform to influence buying decision of every shopper in the physical world. It gives brands ability to influence shoppers on the retail space. More info in projects section.

Co-founded Fervor, research and prototyping services company. Worked with enterpreneurs, small / mid size companies to create edge products. The value proposition was simple - Research as a service, with defined outcomes in terms of prototypes.

Year 2005 to 2007
Worked at Conexant Systems in Chip Designing for 802.11 a/b/g/n protocol. Worked on baseband design and verification in Verilog.

Year 2001 to 2005
Read books and did interesting projects at PICT. Worked in PICT Art Cicle as Set Designer

Year 1984 to 2001
Learned to talk, walk, read and write. Played mario, bomber, paratropper, tetris, counter strike, half-life, age of empires and unreal.